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Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Art, Graphic Design, myletterhalf

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Continuing with my alphabet challenge, last week’s offering was the letter B. Again, I went for a handcrafted option. When I brainstormed ideas for the letter B and what I could do with it, my first thought was baseball script. There is a flow and energy to it that is both exciting and nostalgic. What better to pair with baseball than bubblegum pink? I didn’t want to actually chew bubblegum to make the B, but I wanted it to have a bubblegum quality. To get that aesthetic, I opted to use Sculpey to craft the letter.

You can see the process above (starting in the top right and continuing clockwise). I began with plain Super Sculpey and added color to it using a brush pen. Constant rounds through Sculpey’s own Clay Conditioning Machine ensured that the color spread evenly. Then, I extruded the pink Sculpey using an extruder. Finally, I shaped the resulting cord of clay into the shape of the B I sketched. It was certainly a lot easier than the linocut! The final product is below. There could’ve definitely been more attention to the joining points, but I’m fairly pleased by the B.

As always, you can always search #myletterhalf on Sunday evenings if you don’t want to wait for this blog post. Also, make sure you check out Mitch’s B on Twitter.

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  1. Rubio
    October 19, 2014

    can you mix acrylic paint into the peolmyr clay to make a certain color and then bake it? I know that you can mix acrylic paint with air dry clay but im wondering if peolmyr clay can handle that

    • Ryyan
      October 20, 2014

      Hi Rubio, I have never tried it myself, so I cannot say definitively whether you should do it or not. I have no idea how acrylic reacts to being baked. I do know that you can paint the clay after it has cooled from the oven though. That might be a safer route. I have done that before, and it worked just fine. You might also want to hit it with some Crystal Clear to seal in the paint (this does make it glossy).


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